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9th-Nov-2010 08:02 pm - fic index
~Hime's Fanfic Journal~

UPDATED 12.03.09

Here's the list of what I've written so far. Some of my fics are f-locked because of the mature content.Feel free to add me but please comment here if you wanted me to add you back. Thanks. 

Multi-chaptered fics:
The Last Smile - TegoPi
Juichigatsu Ame
- TegoPi, YaMaki ^__^
Wasted Years
- TegoPi, KoyaShige, RyoUchi, RyoTego ^__^


Silent Christmas - TegoPi *new*
Counseling 101 - NishiKato ^__^
YamaPi's Valentine Mishap - TegoPi  ^__^
My Girlfriend is a boy! - TegoShige ^__^
Songs for an Unrequited Love Vol. I
- Mirai/Naomi (TegoMaki) ^__^
The Other PhonePal - TegoPi *locked* ^__^
Breaking the Tradition - TegoPi  ^__^
Fire and Ice - TegoPi ^__^
Fellatio Fiasco - TegoPi
Water Works - TegoPi *locked*
The Ninth...And the Day After? - TegoPi +
Candies be Love [?] - TegoPi ^__^
Gay Talk! - TegoPi, RyoUchi + ^__^
I.D.O.L. - TegoPi *locked* ^__^
Just Woke Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed...Or is it? - YamaPi-centric, slight TegoPi* ^__^ 

Drabbles and skits:
skit dump
- TegoPi
7 virtue drabbles - TegoPi, RyoPi, Nishikato, TegoMass, TegoShige, KoyaShige
drabble dump - TegoPi, RyoPi, TegoMass, TomaPi
6 song drabbles - TegoPi+
3 drabble/ficlet - TegoPi, NishiKato

- TegoPi + ^__^
Such a thing as love - TegoPi ^__^


Made in Heaven - TegoPi *may add some more pairings*
Time - TegoPi; possible Nishikato
The Secret Tryst *sequel to The Other PhonePal* - TegoPi
3rd-Dec-2009 11:30 pm - Silent Christmas
Title: Silent Christmas
Author: Hime cess_chan
Rating: PG
Pairing: TegoPi
Summary: First there was a confession, and then... there was silence.

A/N: I know I've been absent for so long and I still have my multi-chap fic that I owe you guys. I'm trying to get all the energy I could summon to finish it and post the updates when I can but yeah... Right now, this is all I could offer you guys. I hope you liked it. Comments will be greatly appreciated after all, I've been gone for a long time, does anybody here misses me, at all? Enjoy!

and then, there were snowsCollapse )
2nd-Dec-2009 09:20 pm - Updates....no?
LOL. sorry for this... I've been on hiatus in writing for soooooo long *guilty* and I'm still not finished writing my multi-chap fic, The Last Smile even after all these time. I'm really sorry guys. I still have plans on continuing that fic although I don't when I'll be able to do just that... I just figured out that I should post something in here to keep the fic blog alive. If you wanted to read any TegoPi or RyoShige or any other NEWS fics, You can go visit my blog/site (here goes my shameless plugging) and I'll be updating the fic recommendations page soon. so yeah, just go there if you have nothing more to read and is craving for some... *wth*

24th-Jun-2009 11:46 am - The Last Smile - 3
Title: The Last Smile
Author:Hime cess_chan
Chapter: 3/?
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: TegoPi
Summary: Yamashita Tomohisa is convinced that he's a happy and fulfilled man until Tegoshi Yuya vanished from his life. After four long years, will he be able to smile again?

A/N: YamaPi’s POV. Really short chap but explains a lot. Rofl. Read on guys!

Forgiving and ForgettingCollapse )
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